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If you have participated in a training program, this is where you can apply for your certification and registration. Read the instructions first and then fill the form.

Certified Reteaming Coach

Certified Cooperation Training Facilitator

Certified Kids' Skills Coach / Ambassador

Certified Kids' Skills for Parents (and other caretakers) Trainer

Make sure to attach the required document.


Note: Write your information which you want to be added to the coach list in the field "Your info on the website". We can only list your full name, home town, email address, phone number and personal website.

Please note that we check the applications once a month.


Certification pricelist:

Reteaming Coach 50,00 €
Cooperationtraining Facilitator 50,00 €
Kids' Skills Ambassador 50,00 €
Kids' Skills for Parents Trainer 50,00 €

As soon as we have approved of your registration and you have paid the fee, we will send you your certificate by regular mail.


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