Solution-focused work with families, children and adolescents

We have developed a stepwise solution-focused method for helping children overcome psychological and behavioral problems. Literature about the method is available in fifteen languages. The English name of the method is Kids' Skills, in many other languages it is called "I can do" (Jag kan, Je suis capable, Ich Schaff's etc.).

Related to Kids' Skills we have also developed a method called Steps of Responsibility which is based on restorative justice, replacing punishments with giving kids the opportunity to take responsibility for their inapropriate actions.

On the kids' Skills website you'll also find information about a five session solution-focused parenting program we have developed called simply "Kids' Skills for Parents and other carers" as well as about the new computer program called Kids' Skills Online that allows you to create web-based Kids' Skills workbooks for children online. 

Click the link below to open a new window or tab for the Kids' Skills website