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All professionals sometimes encounter challenging cases. These include so called multi-problem families, domestic violence, abuse, neglect, drug abuse, parent’s psychiatric illness, child protection issues, etc.

Professionals usually experience these clients as difficult and demanding. Traditional therapeutic methods such as active listening and empathy are not sufficient in these cases.

The good news is that in the past few decades major innovations have been made in developing approaches to fit the special needs of this type of clients. All over the world, particularly in Australia, a number of innovative solution-focused tools have been developed that are becoming increasingly known among professionals.

In this workshop participants will get an extraordinary chance to acquaint themselves with many of these new client-centred methods – with the help of which it becomes possible to generate a collaborative relationship even with challenging clients.

Eric Sulkers is a Dutch paediatrician who is specialized in helping challenging clients. He works as a consultant for the child protection and trains social workers as well as health practitioners in using the new tools in their work. These include:

  • Partnering for Safety, an approach that Eric helped develop together with Sonja Parker
  • Family Group Conferencing – an increasingly popular network therapy approach originally developed in New Zealand
  • Non-Violent Resistance, NVR, an innovative method of dealing with aggressive and threatening youngsters developed by the Israeli professor Chaim Omer.

Sulkers has coordinated several major child protection training and development projects both in the Netherlands and Belgium. He has collaborated for several years with Andrew Turnell from Australia, who has developed the Signs of Safety model; with Adriana Uken from the United States who has developed solution-focused approaches to stopping domestic violence; and Susie Essex from Britain who has been actively involved in developing innovative and collaborative approaches to working with child protection families (the Resolution Approach).

Time: 19.-20.10.2016, from 09.00 to 15.45

Location: Karjala-talo, Käpylänkuja 1, Helsinki, Finland

Price: 125,00 € + VAT 24 %

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